New Jersey –  State Police to conduct statewide motor coach checks

State Police to Conduct Statewide Motor Coach Checks  

On Friday, September 1, the New Jersey State Police Transportation Safety Bureau in coordination with the Office of Target Hardening will be deploying Troopers from the Motor Coach Compliance Safety Audit Review Unit (MCSARU) to enhance the safety of the motor coach industry. In human language, They are conducting statewide bus checks as part of a traffic safety and homeland security mission to keep you safe.  
 Picture yourself riding to work on a commuter bus, like every other day, when something out of the ordinary happens. Your bus rolls through a checkpoint and is subsequently stopped. You peel your weary eyes away from your phone for just a moment to take a peek out of the window. To your surprise, you see New Jersey State Troopers.  
In fact, you see a K-9 handler walking his partner around the bus. Then you see a Trooper from the Arson and Bomb Unit alongside another Trooper from the Hazmat Unit. And did you see some kind of unrecognizable equipment that, in your humble opinion, resembles a P.K.E. Meter? You did, and you’re nervous. You don’t know what’s going on, so you take to social media to find out what’s happening. Because after all, there’s never any misinformation on social media. 
Well, they want people to feel safe, so that’s why they are giving you a heads-up. The state please explain  We do similar types of details like these statewide at different times. Sometimes they coincide with a holiday weekend, and sometimes they don’t. Rest assured that our mission, first and foremost, is to protect our residents, commuters, and people just passing through.

We employ our mission using initiatives such as community outreach, traffic details, target hardening details, and public service announcements (PSA) like this one. Now, we try to make our PSA’s engaging as well as informative, which is why we’re rambling on here. Now don’t get us wrong, troopers will be handing out pamphlets, which will have information about “See Something, Say Something, and target hardening, but we’d rather people read this in its entirety and be fully informed rather becoming alarmed during an inspection.  
In this day and age, we understand how someone could have legitimate concerns during one of these encounters. So, if you find yourself at one of these inspections and see your fellow passengers become concerned, feel free explain what’s going on.  
To impress them, you can use your newly acquired Cop Speak by using terms such as Motor Coach, MCSARU, and Target Hardening. You may get strange looks for not speaking human, but that’s ok, you’ll get used to it.
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