Trenton: Thief swipes iPad from trophy shop (video)

Trenton : (Watch video)

Do you recognize this thief ?

Local store owner need your help identifying a thief who swiped an iPad from behind A desk while he answered the door for a delivery

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The owner of the creative arts trophy shop located on the 900 block of S. Clinton Ave. in Trenton was doing paperwork at his desk on Friday, February 16 around 2 PM when he heard the knock of the UPS delivery truck at his back door, when he got up to answer the door he did not realize someone had been watching him through the front window.

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As the owner went to the back door the thief made his way into the trophy shop walked up the steps took a quick peek towards the back to make sure the owner was still occupied then reached behind the desk grabbed an iPad shoved it down his pants before he walked out of the store, but then the thief looked back through the window and noticed the owner coming back to the front of the store he turned around walked back and open the door and asked the owner if he had any money on him ? the owner replied we do not carry cash in the store. at that point the thief walked away he was last seen walking down S. Clinton Ave. towards Beatty Street he was wearing a College of New Jersey sweat shirt with ripped sleeves

The owner did not realize The iPad missing immediately but called Police after checking the security video

Detectives from the Trenton police department retrieved a copy of the video and are investigating the incident.


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Can you identify this thief ?

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