HAMILTON: Authorities investigate suspicious fire


Another suspicious fire in Hamiltons Deutzville neighborhood.


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With the South Trenton little leagues season set to start Saturday, April 14, neighbors that occupy the properties in front of the ballpark on Bunting Ave. in Hamilton are concerned there may be a possible arsonist in the area.

Firefighters were called just before 10 AM Friday morning on a report of a fire behind the 6/11 baseball field, when they arrived they found several cars ablaze in the adjacent lot occupied by affordable towing on Bunting Avenue. The blaze caught several trees on fire as well as the vehicles parked along a fence between the two properties owned by the tow company. Several tires exploded from the high heat, the explosions could be heard by residence over a mile away.

Neighbors on Bunting Ave. voiced their concern about a possible arson in the neighborhood. There have been at least three fires in the area over the past several weeks including a bus that was set fire two weeks ago on an adjacent property.

One neighbor who did not want to give his name said recently there have been kids that hang behind the ballfield and make trouble in the area . “Someone’s going to get seriously hurt back there”

Mike Longo owner of Affordable towing said authorities are investigating the suspicious fire that caused substantial damage. Longo stated in the 15 years that his business has been on Bunting Avenue he has had only an occasional car break in or stereos stolen but as of lately with the recent fires and increased criminal mischief it is a cause for concern. If the fire would’ve happened a few hours earlier tow trucks would have been parked nearby that could have been destroyed.

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