Perez picks position #1 on ballot then picks up Darren “freedom” Greens endorsement


Perez picks position #1 on ballot then picks up Darren “freedom” Greens endorsement.

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Trenton mayoral candidate Paul Perez today picked up the endorsement of the fourth place finisher in the May 8 City election

Darren “freedom” Green

Perez who finished first in the May 8 election welcomed the endorsement but he was immediately asked questions about whether a deal was struck in order to secure the endorsement after Green made a comment in the local newspaper.

(support comes with a price)

Perez said he’s not making any deals for endorsements in the election for mayor

I haven’t had any conversations with anyone Perez said in response to rumors that he was offering positions to candidates in exchange for endorsements, that would be presumptuous he stated

Earlier in the day Perez picked up another boost when the City Clerk picked him first for ballot position in the June 12 run off

Ballot position Mayor:

1 – Paul Perez

2 – Reed Gusciora

Ballot position for June 12 run off Council races

South Ward:

1 – George Muschal

2 – Damien Malave

East ward:

1 – Joe Harrison

2 – Taiwanda Wilson

North ward:

1 – Marge Caldwell-Wilson

2 – Algernon ward

West ward:

1 – Robin Vaughn

2 – Zachary Chester

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