Muschal “Drops Mic” on No Show Opponent

While everyone was expecting the main event to be between the two candidates running for Mayor at the Trentonian sponsored Run-Off Election debate at Mercer County Community College on Sunday – It was actually a one-man show put on by South Ward Councilman George Muschal when his opponent was a last-minute no-show and the only candidate running for election that skipped the debate.

Muschal, speaking with reporters after the debate stated “It’s a shame – The Trentonian, Mercer County Community College, the students and the organizers went to great lengths and did an amazing job to put this together in which hundreds of people took time out of their day to come here and learn about the candidates and my opponent didn’t even show up.  It makes you wonder if he can’t take the time and put in the work to show up for a debate when he is just running for office, can he really be trusted to do the job of the people.  I don’t think so”

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The councilman, seated next to an empty chair and microphone that was intended for his opponent made full use of the time answering the questions posed by the moderator and engaging the crowd for the full 30 minutes.

In a prepared statement read before the debate by moderator Alvyn Haywood, Malave apologized for not attending the event.


An empty microphone is pictured as George Muschal speaks to the crowd after his opponent decided not to show up to the candidate debate sponsored by the Trentonian at Mercer County Community College.  Staff Photo.

“I am currently hitting the streets to meet with my constituents and connect with them in these last few weeks leading up to the runoff election on June 12th,” the message read. “I wish all the candidates the best of luck.”

The reading of the statement was met with outbursts and ridicule from the crowd in attendance and Haywood jokingly told the crowd “I’m hearing a hum in the church bring it down please” as to get them to quiet down and let Muschal proceed.

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In tried and true, straight talk Muschal style, which has earned him a reputation as a hands-on, hard worker who is known for as speaking his mind and holding nothing back explained about his experiences as Councilman and when he served as acting Mayor for four months in 2014 after Tony Mack was removed from office due to his corruption conviction.

At one point when Haywood tried to stop Muschal for going over time, the South Ward councilman said, “I don’t have an opponent. Let me go. Let me roll.”

“First of all, being I was in the mayor’s seat for that short time, I can assure you that you want to sit down with everyone — the newly elected individuals — on a one-on-one basis,” said Muschal, who has been a councilman the past nine years. “Because you’ll be surprised to find out that these individuals do not have the knowledge they ran on … they have no clue what’s going on in the city of Trenton.”


Muschal continued his volley, answering questions about policing, economic development, enhancing the waterfront in the South Ward to the basic quality of life issues like trash and litter in the city.

Muschal was not shy about his tireless work ethic that has built a cult following that appreciates his going the extra mile of doing things himself when the city has failed them.

“I work hard for everybody in my ward besides working hard for everybody in this city because there’s a lot of work that’s not done in this city,” he said, noting he gets 25 calls a day. “If they don’t cut the tree down, who goes out and cuts it? Me. I cut the tree down. You want a tree cut down, we cut them done. But when you have a problem, you’re calling me because the city did not respond. You call me, you get a response. You call other council people, you get lip service and I can say that because I’m doing their work and I’m not afraid to say it … If you can’t pick me up on the phone and you can’t knock at my door and say you need help, you didn’t try to get George Muschal.”


Muschal continued to bring the crowd to a roar when he joked to show his lighthearted side poking fun at himself explaining how he is usually seen in shorts.

“I don’t have to put a suit and tie on,” he said. “I had to get a new one because I couldn’t fit in the other one.”

At the end of the day, Muschal said he is always available to help residents out.

“I have my haters and that’s OK,” he said. “But I’m still here and I’m still working for you and I have an interest in the city of Trenton to make it better for you.”

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