Gusciora picks up the weedman’s endorsement

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In a Facebook post Tuesday

Edward Forchion made an endorsement for Trenton mayor

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I was going to remain neutral in the Mayor race, until Mayor Eric Jackson endorsed Mr Perez.

(i actually feel cheated by the Jackson Administration’s city clerk Dwayne Harris that i wasn’t on the ballot myself because he obstructed and blocked my access to the ballot)

Personally I had nothing against Mr Perez and each time i’ve spoken to him he had nothing but good advice for me…..I hope after this election win/lose nothing changes with that……..BUT when Eric Jackson sided with Mr Perez he got stained with Jackson’s “odooooor”. i couldn’t help but not want any stink JACKSON touched to remain in control of this City, if jackson endorsed Perez i endorse the opposite. REED.

Mr Jackson never even walked across the street to even welcome my new business into his town, REED did! And before Jackson’s Police department set upon me REED praised me for coming to TRENTON.

And most importantly to me REED has been on the side of Marijuana legalization for a couple decades as i have and i know if elected he would continue seeking those policies. ( PLUS I know i’d have his ear on minority inclusion in the new multi-billion dollar Marijuana industry being created…I believe.)

I asked Eric Jackson and his office several times to restrain the city police who had decided to launch a campaign to ruin me because THEY couldn’t read city statute 146-22 that i could be open after 11pm. HE IGNORED my pleas to restrain his police. His aide (Mr Walker) even boasted about being instrumental in having me “FALSEY ARRESTED” and “RUINED”.

THE Jackson administration participated in the POLICE/PROSECUTION persecution of me and has made the city liable for the millions in compensation im seeking and if PEREZ has accepted that endorsement I’ve got to try to offset that with my own endorsement – of REED.

MR PEREZ – The city police under ERIC JACKSON’s administration has been plagued with misconduct and citizen abuse and ERIC JACKSON said nothing…Good riddance to him shame on you Mr Perez for accepting his smelly endorsement.

(Jackson never fired director Parrey even after he demeaned all city residents with his “HOOD-RATS” comments.)


People can laugh at my endorsement but there is no denying im one of the most popular people in trenton….and i think the next two weeks i’ll be championing REED GUSCIORA.

P.S. – MOST IMPORTANTLY if he’s elected Mayor I could capture his vacated seat…..I filed to run for 15th district state assembly seat which has a special election this year…….

Edward Forchion

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