Editorial: Malave shows blatant disregard for South Ward voters by skipping only debate and our questionnaire

With voter engagement and participation at all-time lows in local and state elections, you would think that candidates running for office would take advantage of each and every opportunity provided to them to engage voters and put forward their vision and platform.  That would include forums and debates for the public to hear a discussion on the issues most affecting them and their families.

On Sunday, June 3rd the Trentonian Newspaper in conjunction with Mercer County Community College put together one of the best local debate/ forums we have witnessed in a very long time so that Trenton residents could be informed by the candidates that are seeking to represent them.  This “debate/forum”  took a lot of work from both the staff of the paper and the college, which included students who volunteered their time and energy.

There was only one thing missing – Candidate Damien Malave who is running for council in the South Ward! Every other candidate for both Mayor and Council took the time to attend and participate.  So did the hundreds of voters that personally attended and most likely the thousands that watched online as the event was streamed and videoed by enthusiastic students that gave up their Sunday afternoons to help.

When it was announced right before the South Ward portion of the scheduled time slot for discussion that Mr. Malave would not be attending and sent in a written statement, we wondered – was it a family emergency, did he have a religious obligation or what could it be that he could not find the 30 minutes in a long overdrawn campaign season to “plead his case” to the voters?

He simply stated that he was knocking on doors speaking to his constituents!  Was he for real?  Every single candidate running in the upcoming election attended but him!

But failing to make his case to the voters and explain what his plans if elected are seem to be Mr. Marlave’s modus operandi.

Our staff sent a simple questioner to each candidate running for office over two weeks ago which had to be returned by Saturday, June 2nd so that we may share “their” plan if elected with our readership – which is quite large.

Guess which candidate failed to return his questionnaire to The Trenton Post – You guessed it – Mr. Malave running in the South Ward!

If Mr. Malave cannot find the time, or fortitude to attend the only debate hosted or answer a simple set of questions – he certainly should not be afforded the great privilege of serving the residents of the South Ward and a city in dire need of people “willing to show up” and put in the work to help fix it.

So far he has only proven…if you’ve got questions…he is nowhere to be found!

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