Hamilton mayor Yaede: Outraged with Trenton water works for Failing Hamilton Residents Again


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Following long-awaited confirmation for a public meeting on Trenton Water Works’ pipe replacement program, Mayor Kelly Yaede is once again demanding that City officials hold a public information session in Hamilton for the convenience of township residents.

“It is unacceptable that Trenton Water Works has not scheduled, or even committed to, holding a public information session in Hamilton for its 22,000 customers who reside here,” says Mayor Yaede.

“Trenton Water Works pipe replacement program letter needlessly scared affected residents without the benefit of a public meeting to better explain the situation and other possible alternatives.  Yet at the very same time, the letter offered a deadline that was set, and then ignored, by City officials.  And regrettably, City officials ignoring Trenton Water Works-related deadlines is nothing new,” explains Mayor Yaede.  “Enough is enough.”

What has outraged Mayor Yaede is Trenton Water’s lack of accountability to Hamilton residents; and she believes it is time for the suburban portion of the water system to finally be sold to another operator.

“I am confounded by, and beyond frustrated, that the City of Trenton wants to keep the suburban portion of Trenton Water Works, but lacks any real accountability or sincere desire to serve their suburban customers,” says Mayor Yaede.  “It’s obvious that City officials view Hamilton residents, and those of the other suburban towns, as their ‘Cash Cows’  when it comes to funding Trenton Water Works and, in turn, the City’s coffers.  It’s time for the suburban portion of the system to either be sold – or for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to force the sale.”

After weeks of letters, meetings and broken promises, a City official informed Mayor Yaede that a decision to hold a public information session in Hamilton would be left for Trenton’s next mayor.

Mayor Yaede finds that unacceptable; and will be reaching out to both Mayoral candidates in Trenton to appeal for their support for a public meeting in Hamilton.

“Our residents deserve a water utility that wants to hold a public session in a convenient location for them.  I have offered, and still offer, to assist in finding a location within our community for a Hamilton public information session.  All Trenton Water Works personnel would need to do is attend and to be prepared to answer residents’ questions,” says Mayor Yaede.  “If Trenton Water Works or City officials are really opposed to holding a public information session in a convenient location for their 22,000 Hamilton customers, then it’s time for the utility to be stripped of its right to serve our citizens,” concludes Mayor Yaede

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