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Trenton- online forum: East Ward

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Joesph Harrison vs Terry Wilson

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The Trenton post sent each of the 10 remaining candidates running in the city’s June 12, runoff election a questionnaire concerning a variety of issues facing our city, and to also give us a brief description about their campaigns in 300 words or less

The candidates were given till June 2, to answer & return the questionnaire

Council candidates were given 5 questions each and mayoral candidate was given 8 questions to answer those answers will be published over the next several days leading up to Tuesdays June 12, 2018 city runoff election

On Thursday and Friday, we will post the answers to our question for the West, and South Ward races followed by the Mayor’s race which we will publish on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

The next set of answers to our question for the race for council runoff is from the East Ward 2 where Joesph Harrison is running against Taiwanda Terry-Wilson.

Unfortunately, we never received answers back from Taiwanda Terry-Wilson.  We made multiple attempts to contact Mrs. Terry Wilson, including one of our representatives personally speaking to her at the Trentonian Debate on June 3, 2018, where she directed us to contact her campaign manager Mr. Keith Hamilton.  We initiated contact with Mr. Hamilton,  howerever we  did not receive a response.

Below are the questions and Answers submitted by Mr. Joesph Harrison ⬇️

Joesph Harrison’s Response to the Trenton Post Questions for City Council Candidates

1. What have you identified as the number one problem existing in your ward and how do you plan to fix it?

Crime/ Public Safety is by far the most pressing issue not only in the East Ward but throughout the entire city.  When you are able to get a handle on the issue of safety the rest of the problems which are directly linked to safety can be addressed.  No city is going to completely eliminate all crime, but we must do everything we can do to address it.

As your East Ward Couniclman, I would propose some of the following ideas:

An Accredited Police Force with a focus on community relations

Increased Police presence
• More Police officers on the streets
• Increased patrols in high crime areas as well as in our parks and playgrounds
• Reinstitute community policing as well as bicycle, foot and K-9 patrols.

Fighting Gangs and Drugs
• Tougher mandatory penalties for drug dealers
• Work with State & County officials to crack down on gangs.
• Provide programs for youth awareness to the dangers of gangs and drugs, as well opportunities in education and recreation to keep our kids off the streets and out of trouble.

2. Do you have any plans to seek the reopening of the library branch in your ward? If so how would you fund the system

I would fight tooth and nail to do whatever it would take open the Library in the East Ward as well as all the Libraries in the city that were shuttered.

This is in direct correlation with question 1.  We owe it to our residents and our youth to provide every opportunity for education and recreational opportunities.  The East Ward Library would provide that.

In an effort to open the libraries I would like to put together an independent committee of people with expertise in this field that would consist an appointed president, vice president, treasurer and board of directors.  I would seek state and federal grants funds for operations.  I know there is currently a resolution before the current council that would “bond” the libraries and I would support this if the debt was only incurred and specifically for the library openings and an independent board was in place to administer the execution of the project.  Although this debt service would place additional strain on an already burdened budget and taxpayer, I believe this is more of an investment in both our city and our people.  I would look for wasteful spending in the current budget to offset the additional need for revenue.

3. What is your position on the continued operation of the Trenton Water Works by the City of Trenton?

My answer today is the same as it was when a previous administration attempted this scheme – NO WAY would I sell of Trenton Water Works to a private entity.  I was a strong advocate that went door to door educating our community and making sure we defeated the referendum.

Do we currently have issues – yes, but these issues can be fixed by working with the state and incoming administration.

TWW is a revenue generator that offsets property taxes.  We need to fill the vacant positions will qualified people, not political patronage payback jobs!

TWW provides a valuable service, as well as jobs for our community.   We can make TWW the pride of the city and a model for New Jersey with a collaborative effort.

4. The Trenton School System ranks at the bottom of recent surveys according to an article published in New Jersey Monthly, September 2014. What do you identify as the major factors contributing to these statistics and how should they be addressed?

We need to stress the value of education to our community.  Nelson Mandela said it best, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

We need to work with non-profits, the religious community and with the parents directly to get more involved in our futures generations lives and education.

We need to also empahsizes alternative education routes, STEM Academies, skilled trades and technical education.  Our students should be workforce ready and that is an alternative for our students.  I believe that we should absolutely strive for higher education, but we first need to understand with our diverse population everyone learns differently and we need to provide the path for them to choose success.

We also need to have a level of accountability for the Superintendents, Board of Education and teachers.

5. Why do you consider yourself the best person for the job of Councilman or Councilwoman?


I am a lifelong Trentonian – I graduated from Trenton High School – Trenton is my home.

I have been an active member of our community, fighting for our residents, attending community meetings, attending the council meetings and working to move our community forward and bring our residents together for over 25 years!

For far too long I have watched the political insiders do nothing for our resident and our children – It’s time for new leadership – Compassionate and Caring, but not afraid to do whats right and stand up for results instead of political expediency!

I respectfully ask for your vote on June 12th!  Together we can be the change, we desire!

Thank You and God Bless


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