Trenton- online forum: West Ward

Trenton- online forum: West Ward

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Robin Vaughn vs Zac Chester

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The Trenton post sent each of the 10 remaining candidates running in the city’s June 12, runoff election a questionnaire concerning a variety of issues facing our city, and to also give us a brief description about their campaigns in 300 words or less

The candidates were given till June 2, to answer & return the questionnaire

Council candidates were given 5 questions each and mayoral candidate was given 8 questions to answer those answers will be published over the next several days leading up to Tuesdays June 12, 2018 city runoff election

On Friday & Saturday we will post the answers to our question for the West, and South Ward races followed by the Mayor’s race which we will publish on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

The next set of answers to our question for the race for council runoff is from the West Ward where Robin Vaughn is running against Zac Chester

Unfortunately, we never received answers back from Robin Vaughn .  We made multiple attempts to contact Mrs. Vaughn , including one of our representatives personally speaking to her at the Trentonian Debate on June 3, 2018, where she told them she apologize for not getting back sooner as she was prepping for the debate but would have her answers by Sunday evening. Those answers were never received.

Below are the questions and Answers submitted by Mr. Zachary A Chester 

1. What have you identified as the number one problem existing in your ward and how do you plan to fix it?

Abandoned properties have been a major concern in the West Ward.  We have many properties in foreclosure, which causes quality of life issues within our neighborhoods. When properties are in foreclosure and taken over by the banks, these banks do not keep up with the maintenance of the property. Properties are broken into, pipes are stolen, high grass…etc.  I believe the City of Trenton can hire a firm to go after the banks in court. The firm would manage our bank owned properties by contacting the banks when any issue arises with the foreclosed property.  This program would produce revenue that could be used to maintain city own abandoned properties. Currently, the City of Trenton doesn’t have the staff to manage foreclosed  and abandoned properties.

2. Do you have any plans to seek the reopening of the library branch in your ward? If so, how would you fund the system?

I do not plan to seek reopening of the library branch on Hermitage Ave. I have spoken with Dr. Fred McDowell, superintendent of schools, about the district’s plan to partner with the Trenton Public Library to provide access to the school district’s library in one of our public schools within the West Ward. I support this partnership because it’s the most cost effective way to bring back access to a library within our ward.

3. What is your position on the continued operation of the Trenton Water Works by the City of Trenton? I

support the Trenton Water Works. It is my belief that the Trenton Water Works should be a separate department with a cabinet level director overseeing the operation of the system. Are you in favor of selling it to a private entity? NO! I don’t support selling Trenton Water Works.

4. The Trenton School System ranks at the bottom of recent surveys according to an article published in New Jersey Monthly, September 2014.  What do you identify as the major factors contributing to these statistics and how should they be addressed?

I understand that our children are struggling. It would be in the best interest of our children and the district overall for both sides, the teachers and the administration, to come together as best they can for the common goal, the well being of our children. There has to be compromise on all sides so that the education of our children isn’t compromised. It is my ongoing plan to continue to learn more about the needs and concerns of our school district.

5. Why do you consider yourself the best person for the job of Councilman or Councilwoman?  

I consider myself the best person for the job of Councilman because I understand how city government works or has not worked for the residents of the West Ward. I have a deeper understanding of the many challenges the staff at City Hall are faced with. It is not impossible to improve the quality of life, public safety, and increase the number of small businesses in the West Ward, we have to put in the work as a community. I will be aggressively holding the administration responsible for making the needs of the West Ward not only a responsibility but a priority with the help of my constituents, the power is within you all as a collective voice. I am committed to every resident of the West Ward, my desire to see a better West Ward and stronger Trenton is my main concern and the reason for my continued fight!


My longtime commitment to public service in the West Ward  began long before I became a Councilman, I saw a decline in our communities when I moved back to Trenton after college and I knew that I wanted to be apart of not only restoring the Trenton that we all remembered and loved, but being a voice and help in us moving Trenton in the new direction it needs to go in order to grow and be prosperous as The Capital City. My dedication and love for my city and the residents of the West Ward and Trenton as a whole, continues to push my desire for a better community and a better city.  I’m dedicated, capable, and concerned, and I’m well aware that there is so much more work to be done. Let’s continue this fight together! It is my pleasure to serve you in the capacity of West Ward Councilman. My prayers and hopes are that you will allow me to do so for another term, so that we may continue to work together to build a better West Ward. On Tuesday, June 12th please come out and make your voice count, vote for the experienced and dedicated leader, Zachary A. Chester, thank you.

The next profile featured in the Trenton online forum will be South Ward candidates George Muschal and Damien malave (Saturday)

On Sunday, June 10, the Trenton post will publish both mayoral candidates profiles in our Trenton post online forum Perez vs Gusciora.

The Trenton post will publish an election editorial with their recommendations for Trenton city Council on Sunday, June 10, 2018

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