Two Former South Ward Councilmen-Muschal Proven Leader We Can Count On

Two former South Ward Councilmen that have a combined history of service of representing the South Ward and the City of Trenton for over 36 years on Council both agree – George Muschal is the only choice in Tuesday’s run-off election.  Both elder statesmen threw their support for the current South Ward Councilman.

“George Muschal has gone above and beyond to serve the residents of the South Ward” stated former Councilman John Ungrady.

“George is a fighter, who makes it a priority of putting the resident’s needs first – his only agenda is making sure his constituents have their voice heard” he added

Former Council John Cipriano who served both the South Ward and Council at Large had this to say –

“I am proud to stand with Councilman George Muschal and I urge everyone to take a good look at his record – because it is a record of results for Trenton.  Now is not the time for untested and unproven “Johnny Come Lately” in City Hall. We need a leader and we have him in Councilman George Muschal.”

Muschal is defending his seat against Damien Malave, a newcomer who was relatively unheard of until he decided to run for Council.

Malave’s has come under intense fire and criticism on social media for his decision to skip the only debate that was held for the residents by the Trentonian and Mercer County Community College, stating he was “knocking on doors” instead.

Muschal has also been endorsed by the Trenton Firefighters Union as well as the Retired Police and Fire Association.

“I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of both Mr. Cipriano and Mr. Ungrady who served our South Ward with pride and dignity, but the ultimate endorsement will be that of the people on June 12th if I am so fortunate to be returned to city council so I can continue fighting for the South Ward” explained Muschal in our interview.

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  • this man George helps people .he removes trash, fills potholes in streets witch the street department can do.he does more for people than all the other councel people do

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