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Damien Malave VS. George Muschal

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The Trenton post sent each of the 10 remaining candidates running in the city’s June 12, runoff election a questionnaire concerning a variety of issues facing our city, and to also give us a brief description about their campaigns in 300 words or less

The candidates were given till June 2, to answer & return the questionnaire

Council candidates were given 5 questions each and mayoral candidate was given 8 questions to answer those answers will be published over the next several days leading up to Tuesdays June 12, 2018 city runoff election

On Saturday we will post the answers to our question for the South Ward race followed by the Mayor’s race which we will publish on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

The next set of answers to our question for the race for council runoff is from the SouthWard are from Councilman George Muschal and his challenger Damien Malave

To no surprise to the staff at the post,  after various attempts, we never received answers from Mr. Damien Malave-which was par for the course as he has been absent to most of the press and skipped the only debate that hosted by the Trentonian

Read the questions and answers below⬇️

Below are the questions and Answers submitted by South Ward Councilman George Muschal

1. What have you identified as the number one problem existing in your ward and how do you plan to fix it?

Unfortunately, there is no one single problem that has a higher importance factor than the others.  I like to think of problems as a “Three Headed Monster”.  They are all connected and all intertwined.   I have been working at these problems for the past several years and while we have made some progress and have accomplishments- I don’t live in a fantasy land, there’s more work to be done and I’m the only candidate that has proven I’m up to the task!  I show up, unlike my opponent!

Everything revolves around what has been my central theme-

Safe – The first thing you need to deal with is public safety.  I have worked to have PSE&G install brighter lights in high crime areas, where crime seems to lurk in the shadows.  I had the city secure land to put a parking lot near the elementary school so children could be picked up and dropped off out of harm’s way.

As a former Police Officer in the city of Trenton, I have always had the back of our force, as well as our firefighters and EMT’s.  They know they have an ally on the council and I work as hard as I can to make sure they have the tools they need, as long as it is fair and benefits the taxpayers.

I would look to work closely with the incoming administration to see if we can open a dialogue about how together we better train and equip our first responders.  I would like to explore community policing, increased patrols, and stiffer penalties for offenders.

When you work towards a safer city, you will begin to clean up the city and I don’t mean of just the garbage and illegal dumping which is a huge problem that I work to address on a daily basis.

I would like and propose having cameras at all well know dumping sites and any that become future sites with well monitored, qualified personnel to review.  Confiscate, when identified, the vehicle and fine of 2,500 dollars for the first offense.

A safer, cleaner South Ward will lead to businesses and projects want to come to our area, which is the best area for development – We have waterfront property that is prime real estate.  This will improve property values and spur economic growth leading to good-paying jobs.

All these issues go hand and hand.  That is why you need leadership, that has experience in these areas.  I’m a former Policeman and current businesses owner!

2. Do you have any plans to seek the reopening of the library branch in your ward? If so, how would you fund the system?

Yes, I do intend to re-open the library in the South Ward.

  • First, I would form a library committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and body of approx. 11-15 qualified and trustworthy individuals.
  • Second, I would have a budget formed to project on the cost and incomes in reference to re-opening the ward library.
  • Third, Seek Federal funding in forms of grants and if possible fundraising of which the Library Committee would oversee.

3. What is your position on the continued operation of the Trenton Water Works by the City of Trenton?

It should remain operational by the City of Trenton under good City government watch. I am not in favor of selling the Trenton Water Works because of a large amount of revenue it brings to the City and it a favorable asset to the City of Trenton.  We need to fill the vacant positions with qualified dedicated individuals.

4. The Trenton School System ranks at the bottom of recent surveys according to an article published in New Jersey Monthly, September 2014.  What do you identify as the major factors contributing to these statistics and how should they be addressed?

I believe the reason for the City of Trenton school system’s rating is poor leadership.

I would address the problematic situation as follows:

  • First: hold the school accountable for performance.
  • Second: the creation of a healthy environment which would improve student behavior and motivation.
  • Third: retain the best teachers/strong educational leaders.
  • Fourth: Support students by providing extra help and time.
  • Fifth: Involve the community.
  • Sixth: Provide the schools with the information and tools for the performance to maintain a cycling of continuous improvements for the students.

5. Why do you consider yourself the best person for the job of Councilman or Councilwoman?  

I have often been asked that question and my answer is firm: I am a hands-on statesman (Councilman).

I am the voice of my constituents of which I am always to be well informed.

I listen to my constituents I serve.

I show my constituents that I hear their voice by responding to their concerns in person, by phone or writing.

I stay current on local issues and county issues that might affect the City of Trenton.

I show the ability to understand and share the feelings of the community.

Lastly, I accept my public service as a privilege and an honor

Respectfully submitted

Councilman George Muschal

On Sunday, June 10, the Trenton post will publish both mayoral candidates profiles in our Trenton post online forum Perez vs Gusciora.

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