Editorial Board Opinion-Who is the Best Choice for Trenton Mayor?

A note from the Editor on how we reached our opinion:

The Trenton Post Editorial Board submitted questions to all candidates running in the June run-off, we attended both Mayoral forums/ debates, viewed all candidates resumes, prior histories or records of service and paid close attention while covering the lead up to Tuesday’s Election.

If you are reading this and live in the city, we don’t need to tell you about the problems we are all facing.

After a major let down during the past four years by the Jackson administration, the day has come where we get hopefully a second chance and it’s not too late for the city we love!

In May voters whittled down their final choice from 7 candidates to Paul Perez and Reed Gusciora.  The turnout, however, was abysmal.  Voter turnout was under 23 percent.

The two men have since crisscrossed the city and campaigned tirelessly, and the moment is finally here for 1 of them to be crowned Mayor in July.

So who’s the best man for the job in our opinion?  Lets take a closer look.

Both men have their strengths and both have their weaknesses.

Gusciora is a sitting Assemblyman in the 15th District.  He moved to Trenton when he was basically redistricted out his seat when his hometown of Princeton was moved into another district.  There are some that have insinuated he is a carpetbagger because of this move, but let’s be honest- there are other towns in the district that he could have laid down roots in, but he made a conscious decision to call Trenton home.

Gusciora has been labeled by Perez as the establishment or machine candidate. But he actually harpooned the establishments or machines choice candidate to get to this point and then they all have seemed to make nice in the sandbox.  Politics always makes for strange bedfellows! Today they are enemies, tomorrow best friends.

Gusciora ties to state and county entities could be a plus for Trenton if he can leverage those relationships to get things done.  They could also be a cesspool for patronage and more of the status quo.

Paul Perez seemed to have a command and control sense about him in both the forums we viewed.  There is no doubt that he is up to speed on the issues and his plans to address them seem to make a lot of sense.  Can he get them done – that will all depend on who he would bring along in his administration.

Perez is undoubtedly the outsider, who could shake up the system and is not concerned about making friends, this includes the Trentonian newspaper!  He does seem to come across hot-headed at times, but maybe that is what is needed in City Hall to get things accomplished.

We found it rather interesting that during the lead up to the runoff, both candidates courted Republicans, now both can run from them quickly enough.  They need all voters to win, not just Democrats!.

So, who are we endorsing?  We are endorsing you the voters of the City of Trenton!

Both men are more than qualified and have the resume to make a great Mayor.  But, you can’t sit on the sidelines and then complain about the outcome.  You must make your voice heard by voting. Then we can all pray that we can come together,  who ever wins and Make Trenton Great Again!

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