Trenton: Gusciora Thanks People of Trenton, Insists Beginning Healing Process


Assemblyman Reed Gusciora Thanks People of Trenton, Insists Beginning Healing Process



 Assemblyman Reed Gusciora will be the next Mayor of New Jersey’s Capital. The 22-year legislator defeated his opponent by a margin of 355 votes according to the Mercer County Clerk.

“I need to thank the people of this great city.” Mayor-Elect Gusciora affirmed. “This was the combined effort of a community. I can in no way take full credit for what we’ve accomplished, or what we will accomplish.”

Gusciora ran on a platform founded on progressive values.

“I made clear before the election that my only deal is with the people of Trenton. I have to make good on the promises to our city.

The Assemblyman continued – “But we first need to begin the healing process. The time for politics is over.”

The Mayor-Elect will be speaking at Friendship Baptist Church, tomorrow June 15th, in order to say thank you to his electorate. He wants to ensure that all community members feel welcome and valued in the years to come.

“We’re not going to get anywhere if we remain divided. This election was hard fought there’s no doubt about that. But I care about this city, and I care about her people. I refuse to allow animosity between the formerly competing camps to persist. The Gusciora Administration will serve one Trenton, wholly and

without prejudice.”

The Friendship Baptist Church is located at 111 Perry Street in Trenton, NJ. The event will begin at 6 pm.

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