“Gentle Giant” Harrison Prevails in East Ward

For Joe Harrison, the third time was a charm!

Nicknamed the “Gentle Giant”  after embracing his opponent with a hug at the Trentonian debate, Harrison would prevail in the East Ward Council run-off race when the provisional ballots were counted on Friday by 5 votes.

Harrison fought back tears as he was announced the winner, thanked the East Ward voters and praised his opponent Taiwanda Terry-Wilson for a great campaign focused on the issue, not on personal attacks.

“I can’t begin to thank the residents of the East Ward for their faith in me to give me the opportunity to serve them.  I feel blessed and am so grateful.  There are so many people I want to say Thank You too!  Everyone who volunteered, our first responders, my amazing campaign team and of course my mom, who taught me always to believe in and show love for everyone.” explained an emotional Harrison.

Harrison 2

Councilman-Elect Joe Harrison.

Harrison who was running for his third time was a well-known community advocate involved in various community service projects and organizations that campaigned tirelessly door to door on a message of cleaning up the East Ward and making it a safer place to live.

As he embraced his mother he spoke of his love for the city.

“I love this city and I love the people, that’s why I stay!  There is so much potential, we have to come together as one Trenton and work as one.  Like I said all campaign, I am going to work for all the residents of the East Ward and of Trenton.  We need to unite and work together,” he continued.

As he hugged his mother Delores at the Board of Elections and visibly wore his emotions on his sleeves it was evident the nickname the “Gentle Giant” was more than fitting!

“I knew you could do it, you are going to be great.” explained his mother

Terry Wilson has the option now to continue the fight with a recount of the election, which would be at her own campaign expense, not the taxpayers.

Given no likely change in results, Joe Harrison will be sworn in this July.

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