Hamilton : Yaede blast Democrat Council


Yaede calls Democrats despicable for animal shelter comments


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Mayor Yaede:

Council Democrats Despicable and False Claims Insult our Dedicated Animal Shelter Staff.

HAMILTON mayor Kelly Yaede released a statement Saturday morning in response to the democratic controlled council members comments about Hamilton animal shelter employees


Hamiltonians don’t deserve this type of politics. …

In response to the Hamilton Democrat Council Members press release regarding the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter, Mayor Kelly Yaede is appalled by the Council Democrats despicable and false claims.

“Since our expansion of the animal shelter, our devoted staff has routinely cared for over 350 shelter dogs each year. That is 40 percent increase in shelter dogs since 2013,” says Mayor Kelly Yaede.

Yaede noted that the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter, which is only required by State Law to keep animals for 7 days, will keep shelter animals for years, unless they are terminally ill, because of human/animal attack or aggression they cannot be safely adopted or by owner request (due to those issues).

“Right now, we have one shelter pet that has remained in our shelter’s care for 5 years,” says Mayor Yaede. “That illustrates how committed our Animal Shelter is to finding a forever home for every adoptable shelter pet.”

“Are the Council Democrats really suggesting that our devoted Animal Shelter Staff, who care for our shelter pets, are heartless or callous when it comes to those who are terminally ill?,” says Mayor Kelly Yaede. “Any pet owner that has had to make the very difficult and painful decision to put down their loving pet companion understands that it is a decision that is never made lightly. And for the Council Democrats to play politics with terminally ill shelter pets is despicable.”

In 2018, Township officials note that 13 dogs have been humanely put down at the shelter – 8 of which were at the request of the dogs’ owners due to their pets’ failing health and 5 due to human / animal attack or aggression.

“To call our Animal Shelter staff innocent animal killers is morally reprehensible,” says Mayor Yaede.

Mayor Yaede noted that when Hamilton Township Animal Shelter was expanded in 2015, it was specifically done to address the facilities lack of capacity. The project:

ü Nearly doubled its number of dog kennels (from 20 to 36 kennels)

ü Doubled its room for stray cats (from 25 to 50 rooms)

ü Created a larger animal medical area

ü Added private quarantine areas

ü Built two new adoption rooms

ü And added a needed grooming area

“The Council Democrats do not even realize that by attacking the Animal Shelter for receiving more financial resources than in the past actually vindicates the very reason why we expanded our shelter – because we needed additional space to care for the rising number of shelter pets. Just a few weeks ago, when the Council Democrats held budget hearings, and ultimately increased spending in the budget, they did not even question the Animal Shelter’s budget,” says Mayor Yaede. “The Council Democrats owe our dedicated Animal Shelter staff a public apology; and that is exactly what they should do at their next Council Meeting.”

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