[POLL] Who should be the Trenton City council president?

With the new city Council set to be sworn in on July 1 there has been a lot of talk of the new council-members campaigning for the council presidency.
There are four brand new council members coming on board,
Jarrell Blakely, Santiago Rodriguez, Joe Harrison and robin Vaughn.
Kathy McBride is coming back to the city Council after a running unsuccessfully for mayor four years ago. She previously served on the city Council for 4 years from 2010 to 2014.
Marge Wilson who has served eight years on the City Council is coming back for third term as North Ward Council woman. South Ward councilman George Muschal has had the longest tenure on the city Council, serving since 2009, when he won a special election after the seat was vacated by former Councilman Jim Coston he will be coming back for his third full term.
We want to know who you think should be council president.  Vote in our poll below!


  • Richard Figueroa

    Kathy “Blue Waffles” McBride won the straw poll among council members for council president? Any council member that supported her should be voted out of office. That woman made us a laughing stock nationally. Is that the best the Trenton city council has to offer for this pivotal seat? Sad star of affairs!

  • This is total bullshit. Jerell Blakely had 40+% and he’s not the top 4?
    Gtfoh. We’d expect this from the trentonian not you!

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