Trenton: Gusciora & Muschal set to kick off Clean Streets Campaign


Look out Trenton here they come..!

Mayor and councilmen team up to kickoff clean streets campaign

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Mayor Reed Gusciora will be teaming up with Councilman George Muschal, in a pledge to clean up the Capital City.

The officials will be looking to make good on prominent campaign promises. They intend to begin with Trenton’s South Ward. While Councilman Muschal is spearheading the initiative, the mayor confirmed that all neighborhoods will experience extensive cleanups in the coming months.

Muschal affirmed that “we’re gonna clean up Trenton. I’ve been waiting 9 years for an opportunity like this.” Muschal maintained, in his Thursday meeting with the new mayor, that the South Ward especially is subjected to illegal dumping.

Gusciora is a man of his word, he said he wanted to clean up the city and he’s willing to prove it by getting behind the wheel of the sweeper himself.

Both agreed that the Capital City needs to enforce penalties for those “who are using our home, as their trash-can,” the Councilman continued. “We need teeth in this fight. Right now people are ditching their waste without reproach.”

Councilman Muschal proposed vehicle seizure for those caught dumping illegally.  He further added that a coupon program would encourage constituents to join the fight. “Discounts for Debris” he dubbed his idea.

Mayor Gusciora was keen on the idea. He approved Thursday the councilman’s plan to bring in five street sweepers to begin the initiative. The mayor suggested moving from the South Ward all the way up to the famous Battle Monument in the North. Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson was happy to oblige. The monument sits on the border between their electorates.

City council president Kathy McBride stated I am so happy for South Ward Councilman George Muschal, he can start off his new term with a clean sweep.!

I am also glad that Mayor Gusciora will implement the program in all 4 wards throughout the city.

East Ward Councilman Joe Harrison, who also campaigned on the promise of cleaning up the East Ward, praised Gusciora & Muschal’s efforts. I’m excited to see the Mayor following through on his promises to clean up the city. Harrison said he would like to eventually see the city expand the program to include cleaning out alleyways that have become overgrown and are breeding grounds for prostitution, drug activity and illegal dumping.

The mayor was energized with the city council’s initiative. “This is something every Trentonian should be excited about. Our city deserves better than the status quo. I ran my campaign on the promise that I’d clean these streets. I’m ecstatic that our council is ready to work with me in this fight.”

Both Councilman Muschal and Mayor Gusciora were adamant that they wanted the opportunity to pilot one of the street sweepers.

The cleanup is tentatively scheduled for July 21st.

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  • James McLaughlin

    If they really want to clean up the city, I hope they start with the back yard at 504 Second St.

  • Great news for Trenton. It is a beautiful City with so much potential. I wish Councilman Muschal and Mayor Gusciora, along with the new council much success in this effort. Families visit state capitals around the country, Trenton is a historic gem with a rich history in the founding of this country. Let’s give the Trentonians and those many visitors a better Trenton that is both safe and clean, a place to be proud of.

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