Trenton: “CSI” Clean Streets Initiative kicks off Saturday

Trenton N.J. –

Rollout the street sweepers

Trenton to move forward with clean streets initiative

mayor issues call to action for volunteers who would like to help clean up the city!


The Trenton P.D. to Post “No Parking” Notices for Street Cleaning

Volunteers Needed: Alternate Parking Supplied by County

The Trenton Police Department will post a notice for parking restrictions to make possible widespread street sweeping on Saturday, July 21st. Parking will be prohibited on selected streets; Broad at Lalor to the Battle Monument.


Cleanup, however, will not in any way be restricted to these areas. The sweepers Will be going through various neighborhoods throughout the city as part of the citywide project that will continue throughout the summer.

The county lot adjacent to the Cure Insurance Arena will be made available for those who would normally park on the selected streets.

The Mayor is also issuing a call to action for all volunteers, who would like to help with the cleanup, to please join him and Councilmembers this Saturday.

The mayor maintained that “if we want to see real progress in our city, we’re going to need all hands on deck. No one person can do this job alone. We need to get community groups and individuals involved in order to enact real and permanent change.”

Prospective volunteers that would like to take part in the Broad Street cleanup or other areas throughout the city may contact Andrew Bobbitt at Call 609-989-3809

Councilman Muschal was able to rally 3 street sweepers from a North jersey based company, but the mayor wants to invite all city beautification firms from around the state to “show Trenton what they have to offer.”

The mayor continued – “I’d love to see every able-bodied constituent out there with us on Saturday. My hope is that businesses see what Councilman Muschal was able to do, and take the initiative to help their Capital City.”

Mayor Gusciora ran a progressive, back to basics platform for his June electoral victory. Cleaning the city was second maybe only to filling the potholes in terms of his popular campaign promises.

the following will be the Mayor’s itinerary for the July 21st, 2018 street cleanup initiative.

8:00 am – Begin Sweeper Clean-Up along Broad Street, starting at the intersection of Broad and Lalor Streets.

10:30 am – Sweepers at State and Broad Street will continue onto Battle Monument while secondary sweepers will veer west along West State Street to Sanhican Drive; while others will veer east along East State Street to Olden Avenue.

11:00 am – Sweepers will end at the Battle Monument for a Photo-Op with volunteers and Revolutionary Soldier Reenactors from the Old Barracks.

At the same time, volunteers will clean up the former Mercer Medical Center property on Bellevue Avenue from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm.

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