Gusciora Administration Accepting Applications for School Board


Gusciora Administration Accepting Applications for School Board

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Special Needs Advocate ‘Crucial’ in Search

Mayor Reed Gusciora is calling for all qualified candidates to apply for vacancies on Trenton’s Board of Education. The Mayor has also announced that at least one of the two openings must be filled by a special needs advocate.

“During the campaign, I said that any new board member should have no agenda other than bettering the quality of education for our students,” Mayor Gusciora said Wednesday. “We need someone on our Board who will fight for our children, who’ll ensure that the State Constitution’s mandate, to provide a ‘thorough and efficient education’, is followed.”

The Mayor also expressed a need for candidates who currently have children in district schools. He noted that “there needs to be accountability within the body, and I want people with some skin in the game.”

Mayor Gusciora felt necessary to stress the importance of special needs advocacy.

“I’d wager that almost every single person in Trenton knows somebody with special needs. They constitute a considerable portion of our city. Special needs students deserve someone on the board who can get them the support that they deserve.”

Finally, Trenton’s executive emphasized his desire for members to understand that charter schools are not a quick fix. “We shouldn’t be siphoning off funds from public schools when we just, this year, closed another charter.”

“Public schools are the lifeblood of any great city. We will not see progress until ALL of our students are receiving the quality education which they deserve.”

The Mayor requests that potential applicants please forward letters of interest, with resumes, to for review.

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