Illegal Dumpers Beware

Trenton –

Can you afford to get caught illegally dumping…?

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Mayor Reed Gusciora promised to aggressively go after people illegally dumping in Trenton.

Gusciora told the Trenton post Thursday in a trash filled alleyway off of Walnut Avenuethe William G Cook school as we prepared to tour the site with local engineers to determine if the structure was suitable for redevelopment.

Open 24/7 1300 S. Broad Street

When asked about a No dumping sign the City just placed on a utility pole at the base of the alley that reminds perspective dumpers of the penalty $2500 fine for a first offense and up to $20,000 for each additional offense.

Gusciora replied that’s not all. There are bigger signs coming and bigger penalties as he pulled his cell phone out to show a picture of the bigger signs that were printed in English and Spanish that warn illegal dumpers that their vehicles will be confiscated and they will be made to pay the Expenses for the Cleanup

The former prosecutor said after a few front page Stories about maximum penalties and vehicle forfeitures, The word will start to spread that if you think about dumping in Trenton it will come at a HIGH COST !

Gusciora holds temporary no dumping sign

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