Perez group to withdraw lawsuit against mayor Reed Gusciora


Perez group set to withdraw lawsuit against mayor Reed Gusciora

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The following statement was sent along with a letter of withdrawal


If interested, please read our statement regarding voluntarily withdrawing the suit against Mayor Reed Gusciora and the Mercer County Board of Elections.

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Statement from Jazmyn Jones, Chester Jones, Michael Ranallo, God-Is Ike, Esq. regarding their suit against Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora and the Mercer County Board of Elections.

August 24, 2018

After a discouraging beginning that included media downplay of the case, some irresponsible journalism and social media chatter that focused only on the sensational aspects of our concern, and some very limited public backlash, we are finally making progress in our discussions with the Mercer County Board of Elections on implementing ways to foster an environment that encourages rather than discourages voter participation in the City of Trenton.

We have started conversations with the Attorney General’s office and will hopefully receive assistance by way of further oversight and cooperation during future elections.

The goal was always to safeguard the electoral process and prevent the misconduct that occurred during this past election from reoccurring.

We believe that these ongoing discussions are leading Trenton in the right direction.

Achieving that goal, we are satisfied, for now, that the current case can be voluntarily withdrawn from court at this time.

In addressing the misconduct, our goal was always to change the atmosphere surrounding an electoral process that appears flawed from Candidate announcements (that number no less than half a dozen people for the Office of Mayor for example,) through the day one of them is elected.

There is no room in Trenton for the “invisible hand” to shape the outcome of future elections.

We urge the community to become more involved in not only holding individuals accountable, but also in becoming informed and being active before and after election season.

Voter apathy, distrust of our elected officials, and election misconduct – these are not issues that occurred overnight – but instead are issues that have festered and plagued our City for years because we, the people in the community, have allowed it.We have allowed it by remaining silent and turning a blind eye to corruption and a dysfunctional system.

We cannot allow it anymore.

It won’t be easy, but fighting these egregious acts must become a norm if we are to move Trenton forward together.

There is a conference hearing set in the Mercer county Superior Court for Tuesday, August 28, 2018 where the plaintiffs will have the opportunity to with drawl the lawsuit

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