Former Mayoral Candidate Paul Perez endorses Justin Tibbetts for State Assembly

Trenton resident and Assembly candidate Justin Tibbetts was endorsed today by community leader and former mayoral candidate Paul Perez.


“Justin Tibbetts is somebody we actually know and is trustworthy. We need to stop voting blindly red or blue. Justin understands what we are going through with the issues of high taxes, crime, and lack of jobs. That is why I endorse Justin Tibbetts for State Assembly” said Paul Perez.


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In keeping with his promise to be a voice for the people, Assembly candidate and Trenton resident Justin Tibbetts, announced that as an Assemblyman he will fight for his hometown and work, in partnership, with Paul Perez and other leaders to ensure quality drinking water, safer streets, and to improve educational opportunities for residents of the fifteenth legislative district. 


“I am truly honored to be endorsed by a true friend and man of good character from our community that knows what it means to stand up for the people. He serves our community day in and day out. He does not need a title to do good deeds for his fellow neighbors. Right and wrong knows no political party. 


As your representative at the statehouse, I pledge to work with people, of all parties and backgrounds, to do what is right for the people. 


We all know status quo of statehouse politics is not working for the people of New Jersey. Career politicians fail to deliver any meaningful change, year after year. 


I am not beholden to any special interest group or wealthy donors. I am going to the statehouse to fight for those who don’t have reliable clean drinking water, for those who don’t feel safe in their communities, for those who are struggling to afford living under our state’s high taxes, and for those who want their children to receive a quality education to advance in life.


On day one I will introduce my proposed reforms to the state government. I will not relent until our state has seen the long overdue changes not just in policy, but structure. The people deserve nothing less. 


I promise to do my best, with every breath I take and every ounce energy that I have to give to make our state a better place to live for all New Jersey residents and make our capital city one which we can all be proud of.” said Assembly candidate Justin Tibbetts.


Assembly candidate Justin Tibbetts has proposed the following reforms to state government to better serve the people:

A 2% cap on state spending.

Doubling property tax relief for senior citizens.

Term limits for state legislators.

A ban on state legislators serving as lobbyists.




Justin Tibbetts, 35, has been an active public servant for over fourteen years. He currently serves on the City of Trenton Ethics Board, is a member of the Hunterdon County Emergency Management Council, and the Mercer County Republican Committee. He has previously served as a delegate to the Trenton Council of Civic Associations and President of the Glen Afton Community Association.


Tibbetts was Vice President of AFSCME Local 2473 for the Mercer County Community College Building Trades and College Safety Officers Union before being chosen to manage the Hunterdon County Facilities Division, to which he was hired in 2014. 


Justin and his wife, Amy, live in the Glen Afton neighborhood of the Capital City. They are the proud parents of identical twin boys, Charles and Jordan.

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