When should Governor Murphy open New Jersey back up for business? Take TheTrentonPost.com poll

Back in mid-March, Governor Murphy’s executive order shut down all non-essential businesses in an effort to flatten the curve of the corona virus. In recent days, many states have begun to slowly open back up for business in an effort to restart the economy. Here in New Jersey things are not moving so quickly. In an ABC interview last week, Governor Phil Murphy said the US can open on June 1st only if we’ve broken the back of COVID-19. There is now talk of massive layoffs in addition to the record amount of people who’ve suddenly lost their jobs and those having issues filing unemployment claims. Many residents feel it’s time to re-open New Jersey for business. Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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Open from 8 AM to 8 PM curbside pick call 609-392-2024


  • Murphy is a idiot. Maybe next time the President says something ,the Democrats will back him up.

  • My Daughter Filed For Unemployment Back In March She Still Haven’t Received A Payment Yet

  • Oh gosh those who have small children with limited amount of funds, the shortage of food now. Wtf!

  • Murphy and Sweenie are destroying the state!

  • Kimberly a Nigg

    File for unemployment March 22nd no money whatsoever. Open back up and let us work !

  • it is not only that Murphy overstepped over const. rights, but also he ignores that medical facts that he always claims that he is abide by. Now the Hosp. admissions are down, Intubation is down, Hosp. discharges are up. what else you’re waiting for? the problem will go away in a year or more. are you gonna wait a year? nj can open gradually, responsibly and strategically. you can’t claim that you’re saving the village by burning it.

  • Murphy taught me something, I will never vote democrat again. ever.

  • Laurence r Trainor

    Open businesses and use steps to help people. Stop worrying about your pocket and help our state. We the people need to move in the right direction. Stand up New Jersey.

  • Laurence r Trainor

    Help the people in this state and others who need their unemployment fix the glitch in the system.

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