Trenton councilwoman accuses Mayor Reed Gusciora of being a pedophile. (AUDIO)

Trenton’s West Ward Councilwoman Robin Vaughn went on a tirade Saturday afternoon during a conference call concerning COVID-19 with the mayor and city council. During the call, Vaughn can be heard calling Trenton’s openly gay mayor a “pedophile” and calling the East Ward Councilman’s mother a “whore.” The outburst lasted for over 20 minutes and completely derailed the phone call. Vaughn initially attacked Mayor Gusciora over a disagreement on non-profit organizations. The Councilwoman also got into it with East Ward Councilman Joe Harrison. Councilman Harrison said he is sorry that he continued to engage with Vaughn.

”I got caught up in the moment when she began to attack my family. I should have just hung up the phone. After having time to reflect I realize that she has issues that go well beyond city Council.

The Trenton Post has gotten access to audio from Saturdays conference call. The audio begins right as the outburst is about to start, please listen below.

Warning explicit language

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Conference call- Saturday May 2nd