An Open Letter to Councilwoman Robin Vaughn

Note: The Trenton Post has reached out to Councilwoman Vaughn for comment and to give her side of the story. As of this time, we have not heard back.


The Trenton Post has reached out to you for an interview. We ask again that you would agree to one. We do not condone personal attacks and disparaging a person’s related family and friends. However, we uphold the United States constitution and the role of the legislative branch’s duties and the responsibility to question the executive branch. Therefore, we do agree with the many times you raised legitimate objections and we acknowledge that the Mayor initiated acrimonious responses to your question about so called “non-profits.” Councilman Harrison was drawn into the debate which only heightened the tensions. It is very true that “non- profits” have been given copious amounts of federal dollars for decades in addition to money from the state and the city of Trenton. There never seems to be a follow-up or an evaluation for the success or failure of a project. Sadly, it is like stepping on a land mine to ever question anything about a “non-profit.” And you sure stepped on it. Again, we invite you to do an exclusive video interview. As a local news group, we are your best opportunity to get a fair shake and to tell your side of the story. Please call us.

Thank you,

The Trenton Post editorial team