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Trenton – Shooting : The most Dangerous Street in Trenton, Neighbors say

Early Sunday morning Trenton police responded to the 5th shooting since late May, on the 100 block of Hewitt Street in Chambersburg. Shots rang out around 3 a.m as bullets struck several houses and at least 2 cars, police blocked off the area near Division st. to investigate what was thought to be just one house struck. But several hours later when daylight broke police were

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Trenton – City’s 16th homicides victim identified :

Authorities identified Thursday nights shooting victim from the 500 block of Lamberton St. as Kryonne Hazel 35, of Trenton Hazel was gunned down Thursday evening while allegedly playing cards in front of a house on Lamberton st.  As many as 20 shots or more were fired also striking a second victim in the face. Trenton south ward Councilman George Muschal,

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