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Editorial Board Opinion-Who is the Best Choice for Trenton Mayor?

A note from the Editor on how we reached our opinion: The Trenton Post Editorial Board submitted questions to all candidates running in the June run-off, we attended both Mayoral forums/ debates, viewed all candidates resumes, prior histories or records of service and paid close attention while covering the lead up to Tuesday’s Election. If you are reading this and

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Outgoing mayor Eric Jackson endorses Perez

Trenton – Outgoing Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson Endorses Perez http://www.TheTrentonPost.com 609-310-NEWS (6397) Trenton’s incumbent Mayor Eric Jackson has formally endorsed businessman Paul Perez to become the next Capital City’s Mayor. Jackson, who won his seat over Perez in Trenton’s 2014 Mayoral runoff election, decided not to run for a second term.  On Monday, he thanked his former opponent for continuing

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