Should Trenton police director Sheila Coley be fired? [POLL]

The Mercer County prosecutors office is investigating complaints that were brought by a former city policeman and a downtown business owner after the Trenton Police Director allegedly gave orders to officers to stand-down during the May 31 riot. Coley’s orders were captured on a body cam of one of the officers that were attempting to respond to an arson call at Tony liquors in downtown Trenton. Police rank and file also claim that as a civilian police director she is not permitted to give orders directly to patrolmen and she is not supposed to wear a gun or badge. She has also been criticized for lacking a plan to combat the recent spike in homicides in Trenton. Coley responded by saying “the black woman is wrong“ she said of her stand-down order, “but the white man is not for saying retreat how does that work.” Should director Coley be fired? Take poll below.

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