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Should Columbus Park be renamed? [poll]

Over the past couple of weeks, statues and monuments have been vandalized or taken down across the country. Protesters say these statues represent slavery and racism. Recently, statues of George Washington (Mill Hill Park) and Christopher Columbus (Columbus park) have been vandalized. Columbus park has become the site of frequent protests with those calling for the statues removal. Many believe

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Do you support the recall of Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora? Take poll

Two recall committees have submitted documents today to recall Mayor Reed Gusciora and Councilman Joe Harrison. Councilwoman Robin Vaughn is also facing a recall. This comes following a major blow-up between the three during a council meeting on Covid-19 a few weeks back. The recall committee claims that the mayor has failed to preform his mayoral duties, abused his power,

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Should Mayor Reed Gusciora resign? Take Poll.

Trenton city government made national headlines again this week when Trenton’s westward councilwoman Robin Vaughn had a meltdown during a COVID-19 conference call with the mayor and council. After being provoked by the mayor who referred to the Councilwoman as an idiot and a child when she couldn’t answer his repeated questioning about nonprofits, Vaughn exploded into a homophobic rant

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Trenton City Clerk announces resignation

The Trenton post has learned that the Trenton city municipal clerk Dwayne M Harris has submitted a letter of resignation that will take effect on May 22, 2020. In his resignation letter, the Clerk gave his thanks for the opportunity to work in the position. He said he thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity, and that he feels he fulfilled

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