Trenton – Shooting : The most Dangerous Street in Trenton, Neighbors say

Early Sunday morning Trenton police responded to the 5th shooting since late May, on the 100 block of Hewitt Street in Chambersburg.
Shots rang out around 3 a.m as bullets struck several houses and at least 2 cars, police blocked off the area near Division st. to investigate what was thought to be just one house struck. But several hours later when daylight broke police were called back when residents woke up to find bullets in their living rooms.

Several of the residence invited us into their homes to survey the damage.
One elderly resident told the Trenton post when she came downstairs to open her curtains she noticed her shades were ripped when she pulled them back she noticed a bullet hole through her living room window The bullet bounced off the wall and landed near the bottom of her stairs.
Another resident stated when he came down in the morning to retrieve his newspaper he noticed a hole through his front door and storm door after investigating he found a bullet on his stairs after it apparently ricocheted off his living room wall.
Police returned to retrieve the bullets and to take photographs.
Many of the neighbors were still visibly upset with several of them complaining, when will enough be enough!
A couple from across the street came over to where the police were addressing the neighbors concerns to say they were awoken by the gunfirethe woman stated she heard 6 to 8 shots while the other said, they need to do something about this block.
“they are out here drinking, gambling and carrying on every night”
One neighbor said we are already afraid to come out of our house, now I’m afraid to sit in my living room.

Another pointed several houses down to the apparent target house of theshooting and said to the police officer, why can’t you charge that guy with maintaining a nuisance ? Referring to a house that has been the subject of several shootings since the beginning of summer.
A trail of bullet holes can be seen in 6 of the 7 connected houses leading to what neighbors call the intended target.
South Ward councilman George Muschal, showed up to help neighbors clean up the dozens of empty beer bottles and trash discarded in front of one of the vacant homes, he stated he was called by one of the victims Sunday morning who is concerned for their safety. Muschal, said he planned on calling a meeting with Police director Perry on Monday to see what could be done to stop the violence in the neighborhood.

On May 27, a shootout took place in front of the same residence, several days later police arrested a 17-year-old with a handgun and 26 decks of heroin.
On July 18, 4 people were shot after an exchange of gunfire at theintersection of Hewitt and Division St. Broke out, one of the victims a 15-year-old boy later died from his injuries

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