Trenton –   Motor vehicle bomb scare

Trenton – 

Motor vehicle bomb scare :

New Jersey State Police & Trenton Police respond to an apparent bomb scare at the New Jersey State motor vehicle agency located at 120 S.Stockton St. Customers that were in the building tell The Trenton Post that just before 11 AM police came into the facility asking customers and employees to exit the building. They were lead across the street while police put up Police Line tape. Mercer County Sheriff officers and EMT’s were standing nearby. Sources tell the post that a male caller called the agency and said that there was a bomb in the building. Hundreds of people were standing across the street. Many were saying that they were not allowed access to their vehicles in the DMV parking lot. Employees were seen lined up and down East Front and Stockton Streets while State Police bomb sniffing dogs go thru the building. The streets are blocked off from the Rte. 1 exit ramp to Front St. behind Trenton City Hall. There was also reports that the police were called after an employee found an abandoned back pack in the agency. 

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