Do you know who this lowlife is..?  (video)

Trenton –

Do you know who this lowlife is..?
Man caught stealing plants on camera.

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It’s that time of the year again when the leaves on the trees start to change colors, the pumpkins are ripe for picking and so are the mums off your neighbors porch..

That’s what happened early Saturday morning when a shameless thief stole a couple of plants off a senior citizens porch in the Chambersburg section of Trenton. 

The fall flower heist took place around 3:30 AM

when a man who was carrying a box under his arm starts to walk past the porch then stops grabs a couple plants and turns and heads back towards division Street. 
The 88-year-old retired city employee who lives in the house stated he was not surprised that his plants were stolen 

“They’ll steal anything that’s not nailed down this city is not what it used to be..!    In fact I’m surprised the plants lasted that long out there”

The lifelong Trenton resident had the same thing happened last October when someone swiped one of the plants off his porch in the middle of the night 

The Trenton post posted a video online and the thief was identified and returned the plant two days later. 

The homeowner stated if they do identify the thief I just want everyone to know what kind a neighbor they have…

We don’t even want them back & there won’t be any out there next year..!

Let’s see if someone can identify this ponytailed bandit

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