Illegal dumpers put on notice in Trenton

Trenton –

Mayor Gusciora Announces Illegal Dumping Arrests

Trenton Mayor Gusciora announced on Wednesday afternoon two arrests in connection with illegal dumping that took place in Trenton on Tuesday evening.


“This should serve as a warning to those who want to dump illegally in Trenton that we are serious about cleaning up the Capital City, and there are consequences for your actions,” said Mayor Reed Gusciora.

“We want to make sure all garbage is dumped legally and not just in an alley. I want to thank Detective Mike Davis and Lieutenant Steve Wilson for responding quickly and apprehending the suspects as well as to the residents who saw what was happening and reported it.”



The suspects began dumping on Oxford Street but left when they noticed residents taking photos of them. Police received a tip about illegal dumping, and Detective Davis saw the dumping taking place via footage from a nearby camera and went to the location. By the time he arrived, one truck had been chased away by nearby residents. He was able to follow the second truck and find the suspects’ second dumping location on East Stuyvesant Avenue.


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Willie Smith, 61, was charged with one count of defiant trespassing and three counts of illegal dumping. Jeffrey Perry, 50, was charged with the same counts and had also been issued a Trenton FTA warrant and a NCIC warrant.


“Not only are we trying to clean up Trenton in the way of violence, we are also going to clean up our streets and keep them clean,” said Police Director Sheilah Coley.

“We are going to continue our investigation. We know the employer of at least one of the people arrested, and we are looking into that to see if they knew exactly where the dumping was taking place.” 


The City is working towards adding the two trucks, a pickup truck and a box truck, to the City’s fleet of vehicles.


 East Ward Councilman Joe Harrison Who campaigned on the promise of going after illegal dumpers said. “It’s a good day for the City of Trenton,” “We are sending a message to illegal dumpers: You dump here, you will lose your vehicle and go to jail.”


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“This is just the beginning. We are not going to relent,” said Public Works Director Wally Onitiri. “This has been going on for a long time, and the City is ready to take this on.”


“Everyone did a good job on this,” said South Ward Councilman George Muschal. 

Councilman Harrison & Muschal met with Mayor Gusciora last summer to discuss aggressive tactics to stop illegal dumping in the city, among the ideas kicked around by the trio where vehicle forfeiture, heavy fines, making offenders pay for the cleanup’s, releasing offenders names to the media and adding the confiscated vehicles to the city fleet with lettering that says this vehicle was confiscated for illegal dumping in the city.

“These sites have been dumped on repeatedly,” said Octavia Sutphin, President of the Neighborhood Improvement Association. “Oxford is one site we’ve cleaned up at least four or five times. When I got the call today that people were apprehended, I was elated. It was a breath of fresh air. We’re not going to stand for this. Illegal dumping is going to stop, and it’s stopping now.”

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A Bible could be seen on the front dashboard of pick up truck confiscated by Trenton police Tuesday evening


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