Election: Trenton Mayoral and City Council Polls

On Tuesday November 8th, Trenton voters will go to the polls and choose a mayor and city council.
But before you go out and vote, you should know who you are voting for. We ask that you go to the candidates social media pages and take a look at what they stand for. See what kind of things they posted before they were running for this election to see if they are the type of leaders you would want to run our city.
An educated voter is the best voter.

Who will you be voting for?

Polls close Sunday 4:00PM
Take thetrentonpost.com poll below

Trenton Mayoral Race Poll

Who are your three choices for the City Council at large?

Trenton City Council North Ward Poll

Trenton City Council South Ward Poll

Trenton City Council East Ward Poll

Trenton City Council West Ward Poll