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Trenton – 

Stolen car victim chases down and recovers his own vehicle :
A South Trenton resident whose GMC Denali was stolen early Sunday morning on Lakeside Avenue near Lalor Street recovered his vehicle Sunday evening after spotting it being driven near the Ecuadorian parade festival at Columbus Park on Hamilton Avenue.. The owner was driving around the Chambersburg area after receiving information that the suspect was known to frequent the Chambersburg area from people who recognized his photo on webpage  

The owner of the 2007 GMC told the Trenton post Monday afternoon that he spotted the car on division St. and Hamilton Ave. around 5:30 PM Sunday,​

he followed the car which turned onto Chestnut Avenue and made a left onto Kent Street where he saw the suspects stopped and picking up two female juvenile passengers, The owner said he was going to attempt to jump out on Kent Street to try to apprehend the suspect’s but didn’t know if he could get to the car in time before it pulled away.  The car drove off driving through Chambersburg down Washington Street and made a left onto Liberty St. the vehicles owner then stated he believed the driver noticed he was being followed through the rearview mirror, and he pulled in to the gulf gas station on Chambers and Liberty st. as he was following the car he called the Trenton police and let them know he was following the car.  The owner pulled into the gas station, once inside the parking lot of the gas station the owner pulled up next to the pumps to give the appearance he was going to get gas, he stated he walked towards The stations store until he got close enough to his car and open the door reached over and shut the car off, the driver jumped into the back seat and out an open window and took off running down Chamber St. Another male passenger and the two female passengers also took off running the Trenton police arrived on the scene, chased down and apprehended three of the four passengers, the driver got away and was last seen on E. Franklin St. in Hamilton. 

The Trenton post & Trenton Police Department as of Monday afternoon received numerous tips on the identity of the juvenile seen in the video posted on our website Sunday afternoon. 

If anyone has any information on the identity of these car thieves please contact the Trenton please department at 609-989-4170

609-310-NEWS (6397)

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